PPARG (3p25) Break probe hybridized to patient material showing a translocation at 3p25 (1RG1R1G). Image kindly provided by Dr. Valent, Paris.


Follicular thyroid carcinoma is associated with the chromosomal translocation t(2;3)(q13;p25), fusing PAX8 (2q13) with the nuclear receptor, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARG). PPARG is located in a breakpoint hot spot region, leading to recurrent alterations of this gene in thyroid tumors of follicular origin including carcinomas as well as adenomas with or without involvement of PAX8. A break or split probe for PPARG is best used to analyze translocation of the PPARG (3p25) gene on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue for routine clinical diagnosis. The PPARG (3p25) Break probe is optimized to detect translocations and amplification involving the PPARG gene region at 3p25 in a dual‐color, split assay.

French et al, 2003, Am J Pathol, 162; 1053-1060.
Drieschner et al, 2006, Thyroid, 16; 1091-1096.



ON PPARy (3p25) Break
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