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Kreatech FISH Probes

Kreatech FISH probes are the latest in advancements in FISH probes. Developed with the use of REPEAT-FREE technology, Kreatech FISH probes eliminate the use of Cot-1 or blocking DNA, providing a clearer background and a brighter signal.

Novocastra FISH Probes

Reliably detect RNA sequences with Novocastra ISH probes, detection systems, and ancillary reagents.

  • Clinically relevant – range includes important probes such as Kappa, Lambda and Epstein-Barr virus
  • Qualitative – Fluorescein-Conjugated Oligonucleotide probes for the qualitative detection of RNA transcripts
  • Complete – probes, detection systems and ancillary reagents working together
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EWSR1 (22q12) Foto do produto
EWSR1 (22q12)
MALT (18q21) [RUO] Foto do produto
MALT (18q21) [RUO]
DEK / NUP214 t(6;9) [RUO] Foto do produto
DEK / NUP214 t(6;9) [RUO]
SS18 (18q11) Foto do produto
SS18 (18q11)
Sub Telomere 9qter [ASR] Foto do produto
DiGeorge (22q11) / 22q13 (SHANK3) [RUO] Foto do produto
DiGeorge (22q11) / 22q13 (SHANK3) [RUO]
PreimpScreen Foto do produto
AURKB (17p13) [RUO] Foto do produto
AURKB (17p13) [RUO]
20q- (PTPRT 20q12) [RUO] Foto do produto
20q- (PTPRT 20q12) [RUO]
PDGFRB (5q32) Break Foto do produto
PDGFRB (5q32) Break
Negative Control Foto do produto
Negative Control
TP53 (17p13) Foto do produto
TP53 (17p13)
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