Slides & Coverglass


Create clear microscope slides and e-slides. The diverse Surgipath range lets you choose a high-quality slide for any application, and Premier and Micro Coverglass are available for automated and manual coverslipping.

  • Always use the right slide – select from multiple adhesive/positively charged, painted ends, and corner options.
  • Deliver exceptional reliability and quality – Surgipath Snowcoat, Xtra, and Apex Clipped Corner slides are validated for use with the Leica IP S slide printer
  • Reliable automatic coverslipping
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Apex Adhesive Slide product photo
Apex Adhesive Slide
X-tra Thermal Slides product photo
X-tra Thermal Slides
Snowcoat Clipped Corner Slide product photo
Snowcoat Clipped Corner Slide
Apex Patient Control Box Slides product photo
Apex Patient Control Box Slides
Apex BOND Slide product photo
Apex BOND Slide
PERMAFLEX and PERMAFLEX Plus product photo
Apex Clipped Corner Slides product photo
Apex Clipped Corner Slides
Micro Slides product photo
Micro Slides
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