Secure your tissue, enhance processing, and eliminate block trimming. Surgipath cassettes and embedding molds offer many ways to help you improve efficiency and quality. Our cassettes come in a variety of formats and constructions, including one or two piece, taped, and even a seamless, pre-packaged tube.

  • Maximize processing quality – unique cassette designs optimize reagent exchange.
  • Improve productivity – tightly matched cassettes and molds eliminated block scraping/trimming.
  • Create your ideal solution – choose from a diverse range with many options.
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Leica LP C Fine Mesh Cassettes product photo
Leica LP C Fine Mesh Cassettes
Pre-Load II Cassettes product photo
Pre-Load II Cassettes
Marking Pens product photo
Marking Pens
Super Cassettes product photo
Super Cassettes
One Piece Tissue Cassettes product photo
One Piece Tissue Cassettes
Super Metal Base Molds product photo
Super Metal Base Molds
Parafree Disposable Base Mold product photo
Parafree Disposable Base Mold
Multi-Cassettes product photo
IP Biopsy Cassette product photo
IP Biopsy Cassette
Pre-Load I Cassettes product photo
Pre-Load I Cassettes
IP Biopsy Cassette I product photo
IP Biopsy Cassette I
IP Biopsy Cassette II product photo
IP Biopsy Cassette II
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