MALT1 (18q21) Break probe hybridized to patient material showing a translocation at 18q21 (1RG1RG).

RUO - MALT1 Break

Low grade malignant lymphomas arising from mucosa associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) represent a distinct clinicopathological entity. The three major translocations seen in MALT lymphomas are t(11;18)(q21;q21) / API2-MALT1, t(14;18)(q32;q21) / IGH-MALT1 and t(1;14)(p22;q32) / IGH-BCL10. A break or split probe for MALT1 (18q21) is best used to analyze translocation of the MALT1 gene on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue for routine clinical diagnosis. Kreatech has optimized this FISH probe for the specific use on cell material (KBI-10608), or for the use on tissue (KBI-10731).


Morgan et al, 1999, Cancer Res, 59; 6205-6213.

Dierlamm et al, 2000, Blood, 96; 2215-2218.



MALT1 (18q21) Break
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