MAF / IGH t(14;16) Fusion probe hybridized to patient material showing a deletion of the MAF gene region at 16q23 (2R1G).



Abnormalities of 16q are important recurrent events in multiple myeloma (MM). The t(14;16)(q32;q23) is a karyotypically silent translocation that is associated with the ectopic expression and dysregulation of MAF mRNA. Translocations that bracket the MAF locus (dispersed over 500 kb) are estimated to be present in up to 25% of plasma cell myelomas. The MAF/IGH t(14;16) specific FISH probe is optimized to detect the reciprocal translocation t(14;16) in a dual-color, dual-fusion assay on metaphase/interphase spreads, blood smears and bone marrow cells.


Chesi et at, 1998, Blood 91; 4457-4463. Sawyer et al, 1998, Blood 92; 4269-4278.

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