ERBB2 (17q12) / SE 17 probe hybridized to breast tumor tissue showing amplification of ERBB2 / SE 17.

RUO - ERBB2 / SE 17

The ERBB2 (or HER2) gene encodes a receptor tyrosine kinase involved in growth factor signaling. Overexpression of this gene is seen in about 20% of invasive breast cancers. ERBB2 gene amplification is a permanent genetic change that results in this continuous overexpression of ERBB2. Trastuzumab (commonly known as Herceptin) has been developed to be effective against ERBB2-positive breast cancer. ERBB2 amplification is also observed in a variety of other tumors, such as gastric, prostate, lung, colon and ovary carcinoma. The ERBB2 (17q12) FISH probe is optimized to detect copy numbers of the ERBB2 gene region at region 17q12. The chromosome 17 satellite enumeration probe (SE 17) at D17Z1 is included to facilitate chromosome identification/enumeration.

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