DDIT3 (12q13) Break probe hybridized to a normal metaphase (2RG).

RUO - DDIT3 Break

Liposarcoma is one of the most frequent sarcomas in adults, representing 10 to 16 percent of soft tissue sarcomas. Most patients with round cell / myxoid liposarcoma have an acquired t(12;16) (DDIT3-FUS) or t(12;22)(DDIT3-EWS) translocation, both of which involve the DDIT3 gene at 12q13. A break or split probe for DDIT3 is best used to analyze translocation of the DDIT3 (12q13) gene on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue for routine clinical diagnosis. The DDIT3 (12q13) Break probe is optimized to detect translocations involving the DDIT3 gene region at 12q13 in a dual-color, break assay.

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DDIT3 (12q13) Break
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