7q- (7q22; 7q36) hybridized to patient material showing a 7q36 deletion (1R2G). Image kindly provided by Prof. Jauch, Heidelberg.

RUO - 7q-

Loss of a whole chromosome 7 or a deletion of the long arm, del(7q), are recurring abnormalities in malignant myeloid diseases. Most deletions are interstitial and there are two distinct deleted segments of 7q. The majority of patients have proximal breakpoints in bands q11-22 and distal breakpoints in q31-36. The CCAAT displacement protein CUX1 gene region is located in the 7q22 critical region. The 7q- specific FISH probe is optimized to detect copy number of 7q at 7q22 and at 7q36 simultaneously in a dual-color assay.

LeBeau et al., 1996, Blood, 88; 1930-1935.
Doehner et al, 1998, Blood, 92; 4031-4035.



7q- (7q22; 7q36)
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