RARA (17q21) Break probe hybridized to patient material showing a translocation at 17q21 (1RG1R1G).

RUO - RARA Break

This break apart probe can detect the numerous types of recurrent rearrangement of the RARα (Retinoid acid receptor, alpha) gene with various gene partners (e.g., PML, NPM, MLL, FIP1L1, NuMA1, PLZF, amongst the others), leading to the formation of different reciprocal fusion proteins. The importance of retinoid metabolism in acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) is highlighted by the numerous recent studies, but the different leukemogenic functions of the RARα fusion proteins in the neoplastic myeloid development still has to be defined, as well as the distinct clinical outcome of the patients with the variant forms of APL.


Grimwade et al, 2000, Blood 96; 1297-1308

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