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The MYC (previously known as C-MYC) gene produces an oncogenic transcription factor that affects diverse cellular processes involved in cell growth, cell proliferation, apoptosis and cellular metabolism. The MYC oncogene has been shown to be amplified in many types of human cancer such as bladder, breast and cervical. Amplification at 8q24 including MYC is also observed in 5% of CLL patients. MYC is also the prototype for oncogene activation by chromosomal translocation. The MYC (8q24) specific FISH probe is optimized to detect copy numbers of the MYC gene region at 8q24. The chromosome 8 Satellite Enumeration FISH probe (SE 8) at D8Z1 is included to facilitate chromosome identification.


Greil et al, 1991, Blood, 78; 180-191.

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MYC (8q24) / SE 8
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