MDM4 (1q32) / SE 1 probe hybridized to paraffin embedded tissue (2R2G).

RUO - MDM4 / SE 1

MDM4 (MDM4 p53 binding protein homolog (mouse), also known as MDMX, murine double minute gene) is a relative of MDM2 that was identified on the basis of its ability to physically interact with TP53. MDM4, like MDM2, acts as a key negative supressor of TP53 by interfering with its transcriptional activity. MDM4 amplification and/ or overexpression occurs in several diverse tumors. Studies showed an increased MDM4 copy number in 65% of human retinoblastomas compared to other tumors, qualifying MDM4 as a specific chemotherapeutic target for treatment of this tumor. The MDM4 (1q32) FISH probe is designed as a dual-color assay to detect amplification at 1q32. The chromosome 1 Satellite Enumeration (SE 1) probe at 1qh is included to facilitate chromosome identification.


Riemenschneider et al, 1999, Cancer Res. 59 ; 6091-6096.

Danovi et al, 2004, Mol.Cell.Biol. 24; 5835-5843.

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