Hybridization of KMT2A probe to a metaphase spread showing normal pattern (2F).

RUO - KMT2A Break

The human chromosome band 11q23 is associated with a high number of recurrent chromosomal abnormalities including translocations, insertions, and deletions. It is involved in over 20% of acute leukemias. The KMT2A (previously known as MLL) gene, named for its involvement in myeloid (usually monoblastic) and lymphoblastic leukemia, and less commonly in lymphoma, is located in the 11q23 breakpoint region. Leukemias involving the KMT2A gene usually have a poor prognosis. The KMT2A (11q23) Break FISH probe is optimized to detect translocations involving the KMT2A gene region at 11q23 in a dual-color split assay.


Kobayashi et al, 1993, Blood, 81; 3027-3022.

Martinez-Climent et al, 1995, Leukemia, 9; 1299-1304.

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KMT2A (11q23) Break
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