Hybridization of TERT / 5q31 Probe to a tissue section showing gain of the TERT region.

IVD TERT/5q31 (tissue)

Amplifications of the TERT gene at 5p15 has been observed in a variety of cancers, particularly lung cancer, cervical tumors, and breast carcinomas. Several studies have revealed a high frequency of TERT gene amplification in human tumors, which indicates that the TERT gene may be a target for amplification during the transformation of human malignancies and that this genetic event probably contributes to a dysregulation of TERT/ telomerase occurring in a subset of human tumors. The TERT (5p15) FISH probe is designed as a dual-color assay to detect amplification at 5p15. The CDC25C/EGR1 (5q31) gene region probe is included as internal control.

Bryce et al, 2000, Neoplasia, 2;197-201.
Zhang et al, 2000, Cancer Res, 60;6230-6235.



ON hTERT (5p15) / 5q31 (tissue)
oppure RICHIEDI un preventivo in blocco.


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