CDK4 (12q13) / SE 12 probe hybridized to liposarcoma tissue showing multiple amplification involving the CDK4 gene region at 12q13 (3+R2G). Image kindly provided by Dr. Sapi, Hungary.


Amplification of the CDK4 gene region at 12q13-q15 has been observed in several types of cancer, especially in gliomas and sarcomas. CDK4 codes for a cyclin dependent kinase which is involved in controlling progression through the G1 phase of the cell cycle. The oncogenic potential of CDK4 activation has been related to the deregulation of the G1 phase by increasing the hyperphosphorylation of retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein helping to cancel its growth-inhibitory effects. The CDK4 (12q13) FISH probe is optimized to detect copy numbers of the CDK4 gene region at 12q13. The chromosome 12 satellite enumeration probe (SE 12) at D12Z3 is included to facilitate chromosome identification.

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Shimada et al, 2006, Hum Path 37(9); 1123-1129.



ON CDK4 (12q13) / SE 12
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