1q21 / 8p21 hybridized to a normal metaphase (2R2G).

IVD 1q21/8p21

Product ID:  ivd-1q21-8p21
Amplifications of 1q21 are concurrent with dysregulated expression of MAF, MMSET/FGFR3, or Deletion 13 and represent an independent unfavorable prognostic factor. Allelic losses of the chromosome 8p21-22 have been reported as a frequent event in several cancers. The 1q21 specific FISH probe is optimized to detect copy numbers at 1q21. The 8p21 specific DNA region is optimized to detect copy numbers at 8p21.

Shaughnessy J., 2005, Hematology, 10 suppl, 1; 117-126.
Cremer et al, 2005, Genes Chrom Cancer, 44; 194-203.



ON MM 1q21 / 8p21
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