Detection Systems


Create a complete IHC (immunohistochemistry) and ISH (in situ hybridization) staining solution with our BOND automated detection systems. They include the Compact Polymer™ detection system, ancillary reagents, and consumables: everything you need to produce the consistently brilliant stains that pathologists rely on.

  • Lean efficiency – full automation reduces waste and process variation
  • Consistent quality – all aspect of the system optimized to work together
  • Full support – a complete system with full applications and service support for your entire IHC and ISH process

We also have manual detection kits that designed for optimal performance with other Novocastra reagents to help you increase confidence and reduce costs.

Bond聚合物优化检测系统 产品照片
Bond聚合物红染优化试剂检测系统 产品照片
徕卡BOND  ChromoPlex 1 并行双染检测系统 产品照片
徕卡BOND ChromoPlex 1 并行双染检测系统
BOND Research Detection 产品照片
BOND Research Detection
BOND RNAscope检测试剂-棕色 产品照片
BOND RNAscope检测试剂-棕色
CE-IVD BOND RNAscope Detection Reagents – Brown 产品照片
CE-IVD BOND RNAscope Detection Reagents – Brown
Bond fish 试剂盒 产品照片
Bond fish 试剂盒
BOND Intense R检测系统 产品照片
BOND Intense R检测系统
Novolink聚合物检测系统 产品照片
过氧化物酶检测系统(即用型) 产品照片
PowerVision DAB底物系统 产品照片
PowerVision DAB底物系统
PowerVision Poly-HRP 抗兔 IHC检测系统 产品照片
PowerVision Poly-HRP 抗兔 IHC检测系统

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