Leica Biosystems offers a wide range of high-quality safety & hygiene products, frozen-section media, collection devices for cytology, microbiology tools, and equipment for autopsy & dissection.

  • Practical safety equipment and general hygiene products such as gloves and chemical control helps you stay safe and protect laboratory staff.
  • For microbiology research applications, our Bacti-Cinerator system sterilizes utilizing infrared heat-organic material incinerated deep in a ceramic funnel tube.
  • Accurately and efficiently dissect tissue and conduct autopsies with our ergonomic tools, scalpel blades, dissection instruments, forceps, hemostats, and more. They help you quickly complete even the most intricate work.
Probes 製品画像


Tweezers 製品画像


Mallets Dissection Instruments 製品画像

Mallets Dissection Instruments

Splinter & Potts-Smith Forceps 製品画像

Splinter & Potts-Smith Forceps

Liston Bone Cutting Forceps 製品画像

Liston Bone Cutting Forceps

Cushing Forceps 製品画像

Cushing Forceps

Davis Forceps 製品画像

Davis Forceps

Needles, Post Mortem 製品画像

Needles, Post Mortem

Dieffenbach Serrefine Clamp 製品画像

Dieffenbach Serrefine Clamp

Unsterile Carbon Steel Blades - Point and Blunt Tipped 製品画像

Unsterile Carbon Steel Blades - Point and Blunt Tipped

Rochester-Pean Hemostats 製品画像

Rochester-Pean Hemostats

Halsted Mosquito Hemostats 製品画像

Halsted Mosquito Hemostats




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