Hybridization of TP53 probe to a tissue section showing normal pattern (2R2G).

IVD TP53/SE 17 (tissue)

The TP53 tumor suppressor gene at 17p13, has been shown to be implicated in the control of normal cellular proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. Allelic loss, usually by deletion, and inactivation of TP53 have been reported in numerous tumor types and are associated with poor prognosis in CLL. The TP53 (17p13) FISH probe is optimized to detect copy numbers of the TP53 gene region at 17p13. The chromosome 17 satellite enumeration probe (SE 17) at D17Z1 is included to facilitate chromosome identification. Kreatech has developed this probe for the specific use on cell material (KBI-10112/KBI-12112), or for the use on tissue (KBI-10738).

Amiel et al, 1997, Cancer Gener. Cytogenet, 97; 97-100.
Drach et al, 1998, Blood, 92; 802-809



ON p53 (17p13) / SE 17 (tissue)
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