19q13 / TP53 (17p13) hybridized to patient material showing a TP53 (17p13) deletion (1R2G).

IVD 19q13/TP53

TP53 (previously known as p53) gene deletion, which can be identified by interphase FISH in almost a third of patients with newly diagnosed MM, is a prognostic factor predicting for short survival of MM patients treated with conventional-dose chemotherapy. Amplification of 19q13 has been reported in a variety of cancer. The 19q13 specific FISH probe is optimized to detect copy numbers at 19q13. The TP53 (17p13) specific DNA region is optimized to detect copy numbers of the TP53 gene region at 17p13.

Drach et al, 1998, Blood, 92; 802-809.
Cremer et al, 2005, Genes Chrom Cancer, 44; 194-203.



ON MM 19q13 / p53 (17p13)
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