Enzyme Proteinase K (IHC) Kit

Product ID:  enzyme-proteinase-k-ihc-kit

Novocastra Enzyme Proteinase K (IHC), RE7160-K, is intended for the enzymatic pre-treatment of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections prior to incubation with a primary antibody in an immunohistochemical (IHC) procedure.

This product can be used for epitope retrieval with Novocastra antibodies for which trypsin is recommended, a known exception to this is NCL-CYCLIN D1-GM. This two part kit comprises 0.75 mL of Enzyme Proteinase K Concentrate, RE7126, and 100 mL of Enzyme Proteinase K Buffer, RE7127, sufficient to produce 100 mL of working strength enzyme solution.

This product is used in an IHC procedure, which allows the qualitative identification by light microscopy. Epitope retrieval by enzymatic pre-treatment is recommended for a limited number of antibodies. Optimum conditions for epitope retrieval should be validated by the user as these are dependent upon tissue, fixation and/or primary antibody.

Novocastra Enzyme Proteinase K (IHC) is a three part kit comprising:

  1. Enzyme Proteinase K Concentrate,

  2. Enzyme Proteinase K Buffer,

  3. Empty dropper bottle.

For in vitro diagnostic use.



Enzyme Proteinase K (IHC)
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