PTEN (10q23) / SE 10 probe hybridized to prostate cancer material showing deletion of PTEN gene region at 10q23 (1R2G). Image kindly provided by Portuguese Cancer Inst., Porto.


The gene 'phosphatase and tensin homolog' (PTEN), is a tumor suppressor located at chromosome region 10q23, that plays an essential role in the maintenance of chromosomal stability, cell survival and proliferation. Loss of PTEN has been found in a wide number of tumors, and its important role is demonstrated by the fact that it is the second most frequently mutated gene after TP53. Loss of PTEN significantly correlates with the advanced forms of gliomas, but also of prostate cancer and breast tumors. The PTEN (10q23) FISH probe is optimized to detect copy numbers of the PTEN gene region at region 10q23. The Chromosome 10 Satellite enumeration probe (SE 10) at D10Z1 is included to facilitate chromosome identification.

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PTEN (10q23) / SE 10
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