Human testis: immunohistochemical staining for N-Cadherin. Note cytoplasmic and membrane staining of Sertoli cells. N-Cadherin: clone IAR06



Antigen Background

N-Cadherin is a member of the cadherin family of calcium dependent cell adhesion molecules. The classical cadherins include the E, N, R, P and VE-Cadherins which are believed to be expressed in a tissue specific manner. The classical cadherins have a characteristic structure comprising an extracellular calcium-binding domain, consisting of five repeats, a transmembrane domain and a highly conserved cytoplasmic domain, which mediates interactions with cytoskeletal components of the cell via interactions with intracellular proteins including the catenins. Cadherins play an important role in cell-cell adhesion, and are implicated in segregation and aggregation of tissues during development. N-Cadherin is reported to be expressed in various cell types including neural, myocardial and mesenchymal cells. 


N-Cadherin is recommended for the detection of specific antigens of interest in normal and neoplastic tissues, as an adjunct to conventional histopathology using non-immunologic histochemical stains.

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