Anti-Biotin Antibody


BOND ancillaries have been designed for Leica Biosystems fully-automated BOND systems: BOND-MAX and BOND-III systems. Used in the development and validation of BOND ready-to-use primary antibodies and ISH probes - choose Leica Biosystems reagents for the assurance of a quality result in your laboratory.

DNA ISH allows the detection and visualization of specific DNA sequences in tissue sections.

Anti-Biotin Antibody is intended for use with biotin-labeled nucleotide DNA ISH probes bound to genomic or viral DNA in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue by DNA in situ hybridization (ISH) using the automated BOND system (includes Leica BOND-MAX system and Leica BOND-III system).

The BOND DNA Controls and BOND HPV Probes contain a biotin label. The Anti-Biotin Antibody allows linking of the DNA probe with the detection reagents, and consequently, visualization of a chromogenic product by light microscopy.

For in vitro diagnostic use.



7.5mL Anti-Biotin Antibody
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In Vitro Diagnostic Use




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