MECOM / RUNX1 Fusion probe hybridized to patient material showing t(3;21) (2F1R1G) Image kindly provided by Dr. Mohr, Dresden


The MECOM (EVI1, 3q26)/RUNX1 (AML1, 21q22) translocation, t(3;21), is consistently found in blastic crisis of chronic myelocytic leukemia (CML) and myelodysplatic syndromederived leukemias. The translocation produces RUNX1/MECOM chimeric transcription factor and is thought to play important roles in acute leukemic transformation of hemopoietic stem cells. The MECOM/RUNX1 t(3;21) Fusion specific FISH probe is optimized to detect the reciprocal translocation t(3;21) in a dual-color, dual-fusion assay on metaphase/interphase spreads, blood smears and bone marrow cells.

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