RUO Arm Specific Probes

The Kreatech Arm Specific Probes are obtained from microdissected DNA material and are directly labeled with a fluorochrome in either green (FITC range) or red (Rhodamine range). These probes hybridize to either the p- or q-arm of individual chromosomes. Arm Specific Paints are a more refined research tool to be used in the investigation of complex chromosomal rearrangements and marker chromosome identification.

The Kreatech Arm Specific Probes are designed for Research Use Only and are not intended to be used for diagnostic purposes. Please note that only the q-arm is available for the acrocentric chromosomes (13, 14, 15, 21, 22) and chromosome Y. Heterochromatic areas (e.g. 1qh, 9qh and Yq) will not be covered by this type of probe. Due to the possibility of diffuse signals these Arm Specific Probes are not recommended for interphase cell analysis.

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