TOP2A (17q21) / ERBB2 (17q12) / SE 17 TC probe hybridized to breast tumor tissue showing amplification of TOP2A / ERBB2.

RUO - TOP2A / ERBB2 / SE 17


The presence of both TOP2A amplification and deletion in advanced cancer are associated with decreased survival, and occur frequently and concurrently with ERBB2 gene amplification (commonly refered to as HER2). The TOP2A (17q21) / ERBB2 (17q12) / SE 17 probe is designed as a triple-color assay to detect amplification at 17q12 as well as amplifications or deletions at 17q21. The chromosome 17 satellite enumeration probe (SE 17) at D17Z1 in blue is included to facilitate chromosome identification/enumeration.


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