Ancillaries & Consumables


High-quality ancillary reagents and instrument consumables for IHC(immunohistochemistry) and ISH. Select from our comprehensive range of epitope retrieval solutions, pre-treatments, detection components and wash buffers. Available for both manual and automated use.

  • Consistent high-quality performance with Novocastra diluents, retreival solutions, and ancillaires
  • BOND ancillaries and instrument consumables designed for Leica Biosystems fully-automated BOND systems (BOND-III and BOND-MAX) and used in the development and validation of BOND ready-to-use antibodies and ISH probes
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Epitope Retrieval Solution 1 product photo
Epitope Retrieval Solution 1
Bond Reagent Tray product photo
Bond Reagent Tray
Wash Solution 10X Concentrate product photo
Wash Solution 10X Concentrate
Avidin/Biotin Blocking System product photo
Avidin/Biotin Blocking System
Epitope Retrieval Solution 2 product photo
Epitope Retrieval Solution 2
DAB Enhancer product photo
DAB Enhancer
Bond Mixing Stations product photo
Bond Mixing Stations
Enzyme Pretreatment Kit product photo
Enzyme Pretreatment Kit
Bond Slide Labeler Printing Ribbon product photo
Bond Slide Labeler Printing Ribbon
Bond Titration Container Inserts product photo
Bond Titration Container Inserts
PowerVision Poly-AP Anti-Rabbit IgG product photo
PowerVision Poly-AP Anti-Rabbit IgG
Bond Universal Covertile product photo
Bond Universal Covertile
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