Paraffin wax formulations developed with consistent quality and dependability to minimize tissue distortion and provide exceptional compression resistance and ribbon continuity. Featuring a variety of set-point temperatures, additives, and characteristics, there is a paraffin to meet your processing, embedding, and sectioning needs.

  • The Paraplast lines offer quality solutions for standard, low, and high temperature infiltration & embedding.
  • Parablocks, preformed paraffin blocks, are specifically shaped to fit easily into your ASP or PELORIS surgipath tissue processors. No measuring or topping off needed.
  • Additional infiltration & embedding medium options available, including structural support for thin sections and dense tissues.
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Blue Ribbon-Paraffin Produktfoto
Blue Ribbon-Paraffin
Formula 'R' Paraffin Produktfoto
Formula 'R' Paraffin
Paraffin-Infiltrationsmedium Produktfoto
Surgipath Paraplast Produktfoto
Surgipath Paraplast
PELORIS Parablocks X-tra Produktfoto
PELORIS Parablocks X-tra
Paraplast High Melt Paraffin Produktfoto
Paraplast High Melt Paraffin
EM-400 Einbettmedium Produktfoto
EM-400 Einbettmedium
PELORIS Parablocks Paraffin Produktfoto
PELORIS Parablocks Paraffin
Parablocks ASP Produktfoto
Parablocks ASP
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