Microtome & Cryostat Blades


Created with microtomists for microtomists, we offer a wide variety of products for both microtomes and cryostats. Surgipath blades will help you consistently produce great slides from hard, soft or frozen specimens.

  • The DB80 series is our highest quality microtome blades, cutting the thin sections needed for diagnostic clarity. They feature an advanced shape, premium finish, and edge-to-edge consistency.
  • The 818/819 series delivers solid quality stainless steel low and high profile blades for routine sectioning.
  • The Surgipath Classic series offers disposable low and high profile blades supplied in an ejector dispenser pack, featuring a storage compartment for the safe discard of spent blades.
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Schärfungsservice Produktfoto
Breitband-Einwegklingen, Typ 818 Produktfoto
Breitband-Einwegklingen, Typ 818
Low-Profile Disposable Microtome Blades / Triple Facet Microtome Blade Produktfoto
Low-Profile Disposable Microtome Blades / Triple Facet Microtome Blade
Breitband-Einwegklingen für Mikrotome Produktfoto
Breitband-Einwegklingen für Mikrotome
Surgipath DB80 LS Produktfoto
Surgipath DB80 LS
Premium-Schmalbandklinge -
Schmalband-Einwegklingen, Typ 819 Produktfoto
Schmalband-Einwegklingen, Typ 819
Surgipath DB80 LX Produktfoto
Surgipath DB80 LX
Premium-Schmalband-Einwegklinge für harte Proben
Surgipath DB80 HS Produktfoto
Surgipath DB80 HS
Premium-Breitband-Einwegklingen für Mikrotome -
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