Secure your tissue, enhance processing, and eliminate block trimming. Surgipath cassettes and embedding molds offer many ways to help you improve efficiency and quality. Our cassettes come in a variety of formats and constructions, including one or two piece, taped, and even a seamless, pre-packaged tube.

  • Maximize processing quality – unique cassette designs optimize reagent exchange.
  • Improve productivity – tightly matched cassettes and molds eliminated block scraping/trimming.
  • Create your ideal solution – choose from a diverse range with many options.
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Surgipath PM Microbiopsy, Pre-load Produktfoto
Surgipath PM Microbiopsy, Pre-load
IP Biopsiekassette III Produktfoto
IP Biopsiekassette III
Leica LP C Biopsiekassetten Produktfoto
Leica LP C Biopsiekassetten
IP ActivFlo Biopsy I Kassetten Produktfoto
IP ActivFlo Biopsy I Kassetten
ActivFlo Routine I Kassetten Produktfoto
ActivFlo Routine I Kassetten
Biopsie-Säckchen Produktfoto
Einteilige Mikrobiopsiekassette Produktfoto
Einteilige Mikrobiopsiekassette
Surgipath PM Biopsy, Pre-load Produktfoto
Surgipath PM Biopsy, Pre-load
Mikrobiopsiekassetten Produktfoto
Metall-Ausgießformen Produktfoto
IP ActivFlo Biopsy III Kassetten Produktfoto
IP ActivFlo Biopsy III Kassetten
Leica LP C Feingitterkassetten Produktfoto
Leica LP C Feingitterkassetten
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