Leica Biosystems offers a wide range of high-quality safety & hygiene products, frozen-section media, collection devices for cytology, microbiology tools, and equipment for autopsy & dissection.

  • Practical safety equipment and general hygiene products such as gloves and chemical control helps you stay safe and protect laboratory staff.
  • For microbiology research applications, our Bacti-Cinerator system sterilizes utilizing infrared heat-organic material incinerated deep in a ceramic funnel tube.
  • Accurately and efficiently dissect tissue and conduct autopsies with our ergonomic tools, scalpel blades, dissection instruments, forceps, hemostats, and more. They help you quickly complete even the most intricate work.
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Leica Universaletiketten Produktfoto
Leica Universaletiketten
Sonden Produktfoto
Pinzetten Produktfoto
Sektionsinstrumente Schlägel Produktfoto
Sektionsinstrumente Schlägel
FCG Chemical Control Produktfoto
FCG Chemical Control
D-Formalizer Pads Produktfoto
D-Formalizer Pads
Sed-Fix Konzentrat und Arbeitslösung Produktfoto
Sed-Fix Konzentrat und Arbeitslösung
Sprayfix Cytology Fixative Aerosolbehälter Produktfoto
Sprayfix Cytology Fixative Aerosolbehälter
Autopsieklingen-Set Produktfoto
Splitterpinzetten & Potts-Smith-Pinzetten Produktfoto
Splitterpinzetten & Potts-Smith-Pinzetten
Knochenzange nach Liston Produktfoto
Knochenzange nach Liston
Pinzette nach Cushing Produktfoto
Pinzette nach Cushing
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